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Lightroom Presets like no other! Goodlight Presets Pack 3 includes 6 unique profiles to match your aesthetic vision. Truly a 1 click preset! Goodlight presets are what are known as enhanced profiles which means all 6 presets are infinitely variable through the amount slider.
The most advanced filmic presets on the market, but luckily with Goodlight, advanced doesn't mean difficult! The way they interact with color & tonality is unlike any standard Lightroom preset. They are known to bring out the reality and color of film which retaining the detail. and benefits of digital.

Pack 3 - Color

Goodlight presets


USE CODE BUNDLE at checkout for 15% off when you purchase TWO OR MORE PACKS (1-3,5) together!!

Supported Software: Adobe® Lightroom Classic® 7.4 or later, Adobe® Photoshop/Camera Raw 10.3 or later & Adobe® Lightroom® CC 1.4 or later for desktop or mobile. For Mobile only editing, you do need a desktop version to install the presets.

We love color, and we love variety. Enter Goodlight presets. As much as we wish there were a silver bullet for editing we know that it’s important to use the right tool for the job. Our 6 presets have you covered in any lighting scenario.

6 Unique Profiles

Installing these presets and profiles is easy (especially compared to putting together IKEA furniture) with included installers for both MAC and PC... We also include a link to a video guide showing you how to install everything. Who doesn’t love YouTube?

Installation Guide

Ok, maybe not when we are sleeping but we will do our best to email you back as soon as we possibly can with any technical problems or issues regarding our presets and get it solved right away.

24/7 Support

what's included

Did you have trouble deciding between E3 and E5? When they had a love child and it’s called E6. In all seriousness if you have images in some flat boring light E6 will help. The friend of overcast days and dull color everywhere.

When to use E6

This is Austin’s fave. It has some crunchy shadows and pinky highlights. When you like a colorful fine art look but you also want to free your inner hipster a little go with E5.

When to use E5

This is the darling of pack 3. It’s a bit like E1 but with something special thrown in. What is it you ask? Honestly we have no idea, but it makes everything look better. Like butter. E4 is like butter. 

When to use E4

E3 is all anoint that color pop. Have photos from Amalfi? E3. Want to make that sunset look amazeballs? E3. Foliage from that family trip? Slap E3 on it and call it a day.

When to use E3

E2 is softer and has a warm glow. This is the least bold preset of the group, but it still has that pack 3 punch. Pairs well with salmon and mushrooms.

When to use E2

This is a go-to rich color without being too warm preset. This is the goldilocks of pack 3. Not too colorful, not too dull. Just right.

When to use E1

Test out our before and afters and examples of when to use each preset.

Before and After

Before and after gallery of images edited with Goodlight Presets Pack 3.

In the Wild

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“I am so over the moon with my Goodlight presets! I’ve used tons of presets on the market and have never gotten so close to my film look with such clean edits until Goodlight. I’ve been able to use the same preset and workflow throughout all of the crazy different lighting situations on a wedding day and they all come out looking like a dream. I can’t thank you enough for finally streamlining my hybrid editing! It’s been driving me crazy for years, but it’s so simple now. Thank you thank you!

“I am so over the moon with my Goodlight presets!”

Sacia Matthews

"Goodlight Presets have completely changed the way I take photographs and restored my love of editing. The colors are just punchy enough, and give me such a great base to get my images where they need to be. I cannot thank Goodlight enough for the energy they’ve put into developing these presets and making it SO easy to have editing in my workflow! Bottom line - buy these presets NOW!

I cannot thank Goodlight enough!”

With aloha, Caitlin

"Goodlight is a GAMECHANGER. It doesn't take long to fall in love with the way these presets just get it, with one click! Trust me, they will revolutionize your workflow. The customer service is phenomenal and I am so grateful to have discovered Goodlight!"

“Goodlight is a GAMECHANGER”

Shy Laurel Photography

"Goodlight presets changed my freakin life!! Editing is so much faster and I’m more efficient then I’ve ever been in 10 years of business. I give them 10 out of 5 stars! Best investment ever.”

“Best investment EVER."

Halle Alessia

“Goodlight has changed the game completely! I have been constantly searching for a set of presets that compliment ALL styles and areas of photography and Goodlight embodies that. A classic set of presets I truly ADORE!

“A classic set of presets I truly ADORE!”

As Ever Photography

"I shoot digital and film and I’m a devoted user of Goodlight presets because they have not only helped me achieve a true film aesthetic, but they’ve significantly reduced the amount of time I spend in front of the computer (thank you, Goodlight)!"

“I’m a devoted user of Goodlight”

Valencia S Photography

“These presets are genius! I'm a portrait Photographer, and they literally inspired me to get out and shoot. I do my sessions and never care to take my camera on walks, today was a first and definitely not the last. I can't believe how incredibly easy it is to use these, it's become a pleasure to grade my work!”

“I can't believe how incredibly easy it is

Catherine Threlkeld Photography

Love! I shoot Nikon and my go-tos are usually F1 and F4. I also sometimes put Goodlight at 10-30% on top of my film if the film lacks contrast. Great stuff!!

“My go-tos are usually F1 and F4”

Kayla Yestal

“Goodlight presets have absolutely revolutionized my editing game. I no longer have the issue of greens looking off, highlights looking blown, or my images looking “muddy.” I was fairly content with another profile based preset that could get my digital images close to my film scans, but now spend far less time adjusting each image just to get the same result!”

“Absolutely revolutionized my editing game”

Kayla Dutcher Photography

“When I started out in photography, all I wanted to do was imitate other photographers I loved. So I did what anyone would do and bought the presets of a photographer I really admired. And I truly HATED them! So much that I vowed to never buy presets again. I finally decided to pull the trigger on Goodlight not because I decided to trust presets again, but because theirs are different than anything else on the market. I honestly wish I had done it two years ago! My editing time has been cut by more than HALF. Goodlight presets are as close to one-click edits as you can possibly get. I'd like to keep them as my secret sauce but truthfully I have had so many people ask the trick to my editing that I've ended up telling every photographer I know. If you're on the fence, don't be! You'll thank me later.”

“If you're on the fence, don't be!"

May Carlson

As Ever Photography

Paul Von Rieter

Photographers who use Goodlight Presets

vivid symphony

mike lirette



trenholm photo

as ever photography

enuel viera

hunter ryan

photography decorous


isa Jaymes


caitlin alohilani

jake ford

as ever photography

as ever photography

adrian wood



mcdonald photo



tom wright

as ever photography

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Pack 1 - Color

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USE CODE BUNDLE at checkout for 15% off when you purchase TWO OR MORE PACKS together!!