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What software do these work with?

Since Goodlight Presets are based on the new Adobe Enhanced Profiles that were introduced Spring of 2018, they will only work with Lightroom Classic® (version 7.4 or later ), Photoshop/ACR (10.3 or later), and Lightroom CC for Mobile (iOS and Android). For use in Lightroom Mobile, you must have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to get them installed onto your device! They WILL NOT work without first installing them on your full desktop app - Lightroom CC. The quickest way to check if they will work for you is this - In the develop module of Lightroom, “Profile” should be at the top of the basic panel, right above white balance. If camera profiles are at the bottom of the develop panel, you need to update Lightroom to the newest version. These presets DO NOT work with Lightroom 5.

What cameras do these work with?

All of them! We developed these presets testing on Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Fuji cameras. We love the results we get with all of them. Our color science doesn’t care which camera you’re using. It only cares about color. So rest assured the tones you see in our example are what you’ll get when you use our presets.

What are the diffrences between the presets?

Each presets, f1-f6, b1-b6, e1-e6 & m1-m9 have unique looks based on our own personal aesthetic, and also on different looks we have achieved with film. We are huge film lovers, but film can look very different, depending on many factors including how you like to shoot it, the film lab, the scanner, the scan technician… the rotation of earth… ;) etc. So we decided to create a variety of the looks we love about film, combined with the convenience and good bits we love about digital. The best way to see the difference between each preset is to test them. We find ourselves using each for different scenarios. For weddings, f4, f6, e1, e4, e5, m1 and m6 are our go-to’s. For families and portraits f1 e2 and m3 are amazing. For travel, personal work, or photos with grand views or water, we love f3 e3 and e4. But then again, there are no rules! Just experiment and see what matches your vision!

Are these presets or profiles?

They are presets that are linked to enhanced profiles. You’ll notice that when you click on a preset that none of the sliders change. That’s because all of the magic is happening in the profile. The power of profiles is the ability to increase or decrease the affect or opacity of the look to your taste. We find ourselves using a lot of the profiles at 100% to begin and then sometimes hitting 120% or so to get a more “overexposed film” look. And when we want something softer or colors are shifting too much, we might go to 80 or 90%. Once you start using our presets and profiles you’ll never want to use a basic preset again. 

Do these work on JPEGs?

Yes! We always suggest using raw files to get the most out of the presets as they were built and designed around raw. But our presets are purely based on color, so you may find excellent results when using them on your jpeg files. We’ve gotten some incredible edits from our phones using the presets in Lightroom CC for mobile. For JPEGs, we recommend starting the profile at around 20-30% since most JPEGs have more more color and contrast already baked into the file. RAW files are far more “flat” so they usually look best with most of the profiles around 90 to 100%.

What are the differences between the color packs?
Are they based on Fuji or Kodak or some magical film?

Okay here goes! So we don't get into naming specific film stocks or scanners or other super specific, very objective variables in presets much. We just keep seeing over and over, people matching a variety of film stocks or filmic looks, or a digital only workflow with both color packs! So many rad people match various Kodak and Fuji stocks with pack 1 even though it was more built on the colors of Fuji. And then we've been matching Fuji like crazy with Pack 3 but it was built on the color palette of Ektar! Pack 1 tends to rock a flatter or lower contrast “airy” look while Pack 3 is a bit more vivid and also seems to have the ability to match a variety of film... How? haha sometimes we don't really know, magical unicorns maybe? 🤣😅 But pack 3 basically has the color palette and filmic tones of Ektar, without some of the crazy of Ektar. Pack 1 has a bit more of a Fuji color palette but can also be very rich and full of color since there are 6 profiles in the pack! But we don't want to turn people off who have never shot Ektar or heck, any film at all, and we're finding that both color packs just have a freaking awesome look and can be highly flexible for a variety of looks and styles. Some of our users are rocking a hybrid film/digital workflow but many have never shot film but are nailing the exact look they’ve been after with these presets, without all the fuss! Hope that helps!

Can I see what the presets look like on my images before I buy?

Yes. Head on over to our facebook group and share a dropbox link. Usually there are more than a few people willing to edit a few for you. 

Can I use Goodlight Presets on MOBILE ONLY?

Yes… However, you need to have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership to be able to get them to your mobile device! They first need to be imported on your Mac or PC in Lightroom CC (not Classic) and then they will sync to your Lightroom Mobile devices.

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